Sunday, May 6, 2012

Young Living!

I am so excited about a new opportunity that was presented to me by my sister!  As of late, I have been getting  into more natural remedies for emotional and physical health and well being.  My sister introduced me to using Essential Oils.  Never heard of them before?  Well, click here to learn a bit more about their uses and greatness via the Young Living website.

I have experienced their benefits for myself and I was really surprised at how effective they really are.  I also spent some time in an emotional wellness class that was held by a wonderful woman by the name of Jennifer Nordin.  She introduced us to some of the essential oils that help with overall well-being.  The wonderful thing about these oils is you can use them directly on your body (sometimes via a carrier such as jojoba oil to not irritate the skin), you can diffuse them in the air or you can simply open a bottle and give them a sniff!

I am going to become a distributor of these wonderful oils as well as the other great products they carry.  I will be putting in my first order this month on the 15th and would love to include anyone who is interested in these products.  Feel free to message me via Facebook or email me at

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  1. So excited for you to be part of our team Megan! I still recall how it felt to experience all the thrilling new discoveries when I first joined Young Living. It is 12 years later and I am just as enthusiastic about these amazing oils and this fun, fragrant, and fascinating business. :)